UKQ UK Approved Quality control and Assurance Inspector management (Grade II) Course in Islamabad Pakistan

UKQ UK Approved Quality control and Assurance Inspector management (Grade II) Course in Islamabad Pakistan

UKQ UK Approved Quality control and Assurance Inspector management (Grade II) Course

This course is about the use of statistical methods and other problem-solving techniques to improve the quality of the products used by our society. These products consist of manufactured goods such as automobiles, computers, and clothing, as well as services such as the generation and distribution of electrical energy, public transportation, banking, retailing, and health care. Quality improvement methods can be applied to any area within a company or organization, including manufacturing, process development, engineering design, finance and accounting, marketing, distribution and logistics, customer service, and field service of products. This text presents the technical tools that are needed to achieve quality improvement in these organizations. In this chapter we give the basic definitions of quality, quality improvement, and other quality engineering terminology. We also discuss the historical development of quality.

Course Description:

This course defines fundamental, underlying or pivot terminologies that regularly used by Quality control and Assurance Inspector management. There are several terms introduced here: dmaic process, The Box Plot, Gamma Distribution, Weibull Distribution, Development and Use of – x and R Charts, Use and Interpretation of Cp, Gauge Capability, Lot Formation, CSP-1, AOQL Plans etc. The trainee will be able to comprehend the significance and intent behind the key terminologies that are frequently employed. The course could be seen as an introduction to advance Quality control and Assurance Inspector management concepts.

Course Contents:

  • Quality improvement in the modern business environment
  • The dmaic process
  • Modeling process quality
  • Inferences about process quality
  • Methods and philosophy of statistical process control
  • Control charts for variables
  • Control charts for attributes
  • Process and measurement system capability analysis
  • Cumulative sum and exponentially weighted moving average control charts
  • Other univariate statistical process monitoring and control techniques
  • Multivariate process monitoring and control
  • Engineering process control and spc
  • Factorial and fractional factorial experiments for process design and improvement
  • Process optimization with designed experiments
  • Lot-by-lot acceptance sampling for attributes
  • Other acceptance-sampling techniques

Who should take or profit for this course:

  • For Students has been enrolled into the management field or might be add helpful to university student.
  • This course could be useful for who have had some exposure basic grade level I.
  • Product designer.
  • Managers.
  • Quality and reliability engineer.
  • Manufacturing and development engineer.
  • Procurement specialists.
  • Quality Inspectors.
  • Who interesting in self development or progress his/her job quality.

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