UKQ UK Approved international Diploma in Human Recourse Management Course in Islamabad Pakistan

UKQ UK Approved international Diploma in Human Recourse Management Course in Islamabad Pakistan

UKQ UK Approved international Diploma in Human Recourse Management Course

HRM is a subset of the study of management that focuses on how to attract, hire, train, motivate, and maintain employees. Strong employees become a source of competitive advantage in a global environment facing rapid and complex change. HRM professionals must be prepared to deal with the effects of these changes. This means understanding the implications of an increasingly complex external environment that includes globalization, global economies, technology changes, workforce diversity, labor shortages, changing skill requirements, continuous improvement initiatives, the contingent workforce, decentralized work sites, company mergers, offshore sourcing of goods and services, and employee involvement.

Course Description:

This course defines fundamental, underlying or pivot terminologies that regularly used by HRM professionals. There are several terms introduced here: Contingent Workforce, Offshoring, Work Process Engineering,  taffing Function , Outsourcing  HR,  Civil Rights Act of 1964, Role of the EEOC in HR,   hostile environment harassment, comparable worth,Contractual Relationship, and   hotā€stove rule etc. The trainee will be able to comprehend the significance and intent behind the key terminologies that are frequently employed. The course could be seen as an introduction to advance HRM concepts.

Course Contents:

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management.  It is truly an exciting time to be studying Human Resource Management. We appreciate that you are taking time to read this preface to get a better understanding of the text and the resources for learning it includes.

  • The Dynamic Environment of HRM
  • Functions and Strategy of HRM
  • Equal Employment Opportunity 
  • Employee Rights and Discipline
  • Human Resource Planning and Job Analysis
  • Recruiting of HR
  • Foundations of Selection of Human Resourse   
  • Onboarding, Training, and Developing Employees
  • Managing Careers of team.
  • Establishing the Performance Management System
  • Establishing Rewards and Pay Plans
  • How Offering the Right Benefits Communicating Benefits to Employees
  • Managing Health and Safety Risks
  • Understanding Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining

Who should take or profit for this course:

Human Resourse Management a flexible area: You will benefit understanding and experience in multiple regions like Businessmen, people who held Leadership role in civilization as well as in an organizations, Law, Marketing men, forces men or Army officers, Psychology students, and Educational sectors like school, college and University management or principals as well teachers also and other management fields. You can paintings in any enterprise: HR Management is a feature that is needed in any enterprise, and many of the skills which you increase might be transferable throughout sectors.

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