UKQ UK Approved International Certificate in Petroleum Safety Level (I) Course in Islamabad Pakistan

UKQ UK Approved International Certificate in Petroleum Safety Level (I) Course in Islamabad Pakistan

UKQ UK Approved International Certificate in Petroleum Safety Level (I)

International Certificate in Petroleum Safety Level (I) Course identifies common hazards and possible solutions for reducing incidents that could lead to injuries or fatalities. The student learns to identify typical processes and procedures of this industry, consider many associated accident causes, look for trends and then prevent these accidents. Plan your program or evaluate an existing safety program and then institute a plan – do – act procedure that assigns program responsibilities and provides for continual program improvement.

Who is this course for?

The course is aimed at those who have the responsibility for ensuring safety as part of their day-to-day duties in the Oil and Gas or Petrochemicals industries, including managers, supervisors, employee representatives and newly appointed health and safety advisors.

Why this course?

Petroleum Safety Training is an introductory course for all employees working in the petroleum industry. The course provides a general introduction and overview of health and safety hazards and how to control them so that work can be completed safely. It discusses the legal framework that employers must follow and focuses on workers’ and employers’ responsibilities with respect to health and safety at work.

Course Content:

  • Identification of common hazards and how to prevent accidents
  • Reference guide and terminology
  • Site preparation
  • Drilling operations and procedures
  • Well completion and transition procedures
  • Servicing procedures
  • Plug and abandon a well

Learning Outcomes:

  • Differentiate between the multiple refinery processes
  • Identify the major products produced in the refinery process
  • Classify the primary environmental concerns relating to the refinery process
  • Categorize and identify hazardous wastes
  • Understand and implement the various elements of an emergency action plan
  • Recognize the phases of an emergency management plan
  • Understand employer and employee responsibilities under the Process Safety Management System
  • Identify multiple pipeline technology and systems
  • Distinguish between varying underground storage methods


A training and development program improves your employees’ skills and knowledge

  • Improve Performance
  • Employee Engagement
  • Engaged employees are more valuable to their organizations
  • Enhancing and Securing Your Career
  • Improved Wages
  • Nurture Young Talent

Awarding Body:

United Kingdom Qualifications (UKQ) Limited today is an international awarding organisation, offering qualifications at different levels and in a wide range of subject areas. UK-Qualifications recognises the skills, knowledge and understanding achieved by a learner at a particular level and in a particular subject.

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