UKQ UK Approved Diploma in Fast Food Management Course in Islamabad Pakistan

UKQ UK Approved Diploma in Fast Food Management Course in Islamabad Pakistan

UKQ UK Approved Diploma in Fast Food Management

Ain’t want to be an owner of your own restaurant, if yes then stay tuned till the end of this article. A Fast foot restaurant management education can help you develop as a competent grooming and fast food business expert because the food business is currently one of the greatest rewarding jobs. But there are so many school providing restaurant training, it can be challenging to identify an appropriate expert school. Therefore, we have made the decision to put a halt to this search by providing such services in order to provide an overseas fast food management program and those which are surely greatest.

  • ESSENTIAL SKILLS – Vital culinary and management skills are featured in hands-on, step-by-step Essential Skills boxes, typically including one or more photos to illustrate key steps.
  • ON THE JOB – These feature boxes show students how important points from a section are used in an industry setting.
  • NUTRITION – Nutrition features provide important dietary guidelines for the food items discussed in a section.
  • FAST FACT – Interesting facts and tidbits about the chapter content are showcased through the Fast Fact box. Examples include the history of the grand sauces and the origins of salsa— both the word and the food.
  • WHAT’S NEW – Interesting information on the latest industry trends and news.

Who should take or profit for this course:

  • Chefs.
  •  Front of House Team.
  • Restaurant Investors.
  •  Hospitality start ups.
  • Hospitality curious.

Course Content:

  • Keeping Food Safe
  • Workplace Safety
  • Kitchen Essentials 1 – Professionalism
  • Kitchen Essentials 2 – Equipment and Techniques
  • Stocks, Sauces, and Soups
  • Communication
  • Management Essentials
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Serving Your Guests
  • Potatoes and Grains 
  • Building a Successful Career in the Industry
  • Breakfast Food and Sandwiches
  • Nutrition
  • Controlling Foodservice Costs
  • Salads and Garnishing
  • Purchasing and Inventory
  • Meat, Poultry, and Seafood
  • Marketing and the Menu
  • Desserts and Baked Goods
  • Sustainability: The “Greening” of Foodservice
  • Global Cuisines 1: The Americas
  • Global Cuisines 2: European, Mediterranean, and Eastern Cuisine

Awarding Body:

United Kingdom Qualifications (UKQ) Limited today is an international awarding organisation, offering qualifications at different levels and in a wide range of subject areas. UK-Qualifications recognises the skills, knowledge and understanding achieved by a learner at a particular level and in a particular subject.

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