UKQ UK Approved Diploma in Entrepreneurship Course in Islamabad Pakistan

UKQ UK Approved Diploma in Entrepreneurship Course in Islamabad Pakistan

UKQ UK Approved Diploma in Entrepreneurship

The Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship & SME Management was created with the goal of providing entrepreneurs, small business owners, general practitioners, and students with the opportunity to understand the foundation of entrepreneurship and equip themselves with the necessary skills to manage business ventures. The curriculum can also be extremely beneficial for middle managers who want to create and manage new initiatives from the platform of large corporations. Students interested in pursuing higher education in entrepreneurship and SME management, as well as starting their own businesses, can profit from the curriculum.

Design Thinking and Creativity in the Service of Innovation.

  • Importance and Significance
  • Empathies      
  • Define the Issue Statement
  • Brainstorming and idea generating
  • Prototype and Testing

Business Knowledge

  • Importance and Significance
  • Terminologies in use
  • KPIs That Everyone Uses
  • Canvas for Business Models
  • Case-study

Outstanding Sales and Service

  • Special guest model.
  • Draw Attention.
  • Recognize Needs.
  • Explain the product/service.
  • Handling Suggestions and Rejections.

Online Marketing

  • Introduction
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • How Does a Search Engine Work?
  • What is a website constructed of?
  • Keyword Investigation
  • Optimization (On-page and Off-page)
  • Email promotion
  • System for Email Marketing
  • LinkedIn Profile Enhancement
  • Increase your LinkedIn Reach
  • Advertisements on the internet
  • Ads by Google – Search Engines
  • Analytics for the Web
  • Google Analytic

Sales Point (POS)

  • Meaning
  • Case-study


  • Terminologies Used Frequently

Business Analysis Methodologies

  • SWOT Evaluation
  • The pestle analysis

Buying and Merchandising

  • Principles of Merchandising


  • Pricing Methods

Human Resource Management

  • HRM Functions
  • Tests of Evaluation
  • Interviews in Person
  • Typical Hiring Biases
  • Training for the ADDIE Model
  • System of Performance Management
  • What should we evaluate?
  • Important Features
  • Setting SMART goals
  • KPIs and KRAs
  • Rating Scales Based on Behavior (BARS)
  • Appraisal from Multiple Sources
  • Bell Curve/Force Distribution
  • Centre for Assessment Development (ADC)
  • Score Card for Balances (BSC)
  • Psychological and psychometric evaluations
  • Giving constructive criticism
  • Team Management
  • ESOPs

Process Optimization

  • Six Sigma vs. Lean vs. Lean Six Sigma
  • 5S illustration
  • A case study

Email protocol

  • Email protocol


  • Microsoft Excel
  • Power BI Overview
  • Google Drive
  • Forms on Google
  • The Science of Data

Retail Industry

  • Meaning
  • The Retail Story
  • Formats commonly used
  • Important players
  • The 6 Ps of Retail
  • Retail Functions/Departments

Management of Luxury Brands

  • Luxury Brands’ Suggestions

Leadership Quotient (LQ)

  • Self-Evaluation and popular myths
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Techniques for Assertive Communication
  • Management of Change


  • Pitch for an Elevator
  • Case-study
  • Pitch Deck Advice
  • Demo-Canva

Who should take this course:

  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Business owners.
  •  Management student.
  • Students who’s mark their own startup.
  • Digital Marketer.

Program’s Goals

  • To educate people about entrepreneurship.
  • Fundamentals of small business management will be introduced.
  • Participants will be able to write and comprehend a business strategy.
  • To motivate participants to start new businesses.
  • To inspire participants to pursue more entrepreneurship education.

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