UKQ Level 2 First Aid Course in Islamabad || Registration Open

UKQ Level 2 First Aid Course in Islamabad || Registration Open

Registration Open= +92-3315999937, +92- 3215056755 (WhatsApp Only)


The purpose of this course is to help participants identify and eliminate potentially hazardous conditions in their environment, recognize emergencies, and make appropriate decisions for first aid care. It teaches skills that participants need to know in order to provide immediate care for a suddenly ill or injured person until more advanced medical care arrives to take over.

Core Units

  • Define First Aid
  • Role of the First Aider
  • Approaching the patient
  • Key Aims of First Aid
  • Preserve Life
  • Prevent further harm
  • Promote Recovery
  • Key skills required for First =>Aid (ABC Life Cycle)
  • Airway
  • Breathing
  • Circulation
  • Conditions that often require
  • Bleeding and shock
  • Caring for injury
  • Continuous Patient Care
  • Caring for illness
  • Common First Aid Cases
  • Additional Considerations
  • Class Evaluation

Learning Outcome

  • Candidates will be able to assess situations and circumstances in order to provide First Aid safely, promptly and effectively in a range of emergencies, such as: administering first aid to an adult casualty who is unconscious (including seizure).

Career Opportunities

  • Dentists and Dental Assistants
  • Gym employees
  • Nursing home staff
  • Outdoor recreation instructors and guides (hiking, scuba, skiing, etc).
  • Security guards
  • Teachers
  • Almost every walk of life

Work placement information

  • There is no work placement requirement for this course.

Registration Open= +92-3315999937, +92- 3215056755 (WhatsApp Only)


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