School Direct – Primary A school-based route to becoming a primary school teacher Course in Islamabad || Registration Open

School Direct – Primary A school-based route to becoming a primary school teacher Course in Islamabad || Registration Open

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Qualify as a primary school teacher in just one year

School Direct is a great opportunity if you’ve graduated but want to work and train to teach at the same time.

The Primary School Direct route is a full-time, school-based programme that runs over one year. You will need to apply directly to a school that will train you in partnership with the University.

You’ll get the opportunity to work in a school and gain a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) or a Professional Graduate Certificate in Education qualification at the University. You will need to apply directly to a school that will train you in partnership with the University.

After successful completion, you will be recommended for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) so that you can begin working as a teacher in a primary school.

On this course you will:

  • Gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required by the teaching profession.
  • You’ll be based in a school, but will also be taught at university.
  • Gain a PGCE qualification so you’ll be a qualified teacher in just one year.
  • Feel the support of a mentor and link tutor who will work with you throughout the course.

    The Course

    Develop your knowledge and understanding of primary teaching

    Our diverse and enhanced course has the core aim of training the next generation of inspiring and passionate teachers, who have a passion to teach primary school children.

    You will spend a statutory number of days at the university with the remainder of your time spent within alliance schools.

    The essentials of the course are:

    • 25 days minimum requirement in university for subject study and professional studies
    • 3 academic assignments at Master’s level
    • The training programme runs from September
    • Phased teaching timetable
    • Alliance training and professional support
    • Second school contrasting placement

    The programme is taught by experienced and enthusiastic tutors, in partnership with mentors and teachers in local schools, who will support you throughout the year.


    You will cover areas including:

    • Curriculum knowledge and pedagogy in English, Mathematics, Science and Foundation Subjects
    • Child development
    • Teaching and Learning styles
    • Effective pedagogy
    • Curriculum design
    • Core and wider curriculum subject study
    • Introduction to theory and practice of Inclusion
    • Engaging with research
    • Critical thinking
    • Behaviour for Learning models
    • Development of school based research and methodology
    • Reflective Practice
    • Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness
    • Motivation – engagement and expectancy models
    • Voice Coaching
    • Diversity, Culture, Myths, EAL, Homophobia
    • SEND – Including Speech and Language, Dyslexia, Autism
    • Characteristics of an effective teacher
    • Learning environment
    • Positive Behaviour
    • Pupil tracking, marking, assessment
    • Pupil premium
    • Closing the gap

    This list is indicative and subject to change.

    Teaching and Assessment

    Develop your full potential as a future teacher


    You will spend a required minimum 25 days in university for subject study and professional studies, with the remainder of your time spent in your employed role within a local school.

    The programme is delivered full-time over the school year with training delivered by experienced university tutors and teachers.


    To gain your Qualified Teacher Status at the end of the course, you will be assessed against the national Teachers’ Standards.

    In addition, you will write three assignments as part of your attainment of a final PGCE qualification.

    School Placements

    Gain vital experience as you develop your confidence at the heart of the classroom

    The PGCE programme is taught in close partnership with a range of local schools. During the course, you will experience a number of different placements.

    We work with hundreds of partnership schools and organisations covering a wide area including West Sussex, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, East Sussex and the Surrey border. These partners are based in rural and urban settings and cover a varied range of school types.

    These placements will usually provide distinctive opportunities in which to develop your professional and teaching skills.

    In particular, efforts will be made to place you in schools with different organisational characteristics and in contrasting socio-economic catchment areas.

    The special interest placement will also provide you with the experience of an alternative educational setting.

    It enables you to follow an educational area of interest and extend your learning about a particular area of education, for example: working with bilingual learners, teaching in an outdoor education setting, or working in a special school.

    The maximum travel time that we allow for these teaching placements is one hour in each direction from your term-time address to the placement school (assuming your term-time address is within our partnership area).

    How the placements work

    Around 70% of the course is spent in school, with your time divided mainly between two contrasting placements.

    The University will find placements for you. Great care is taken to place you in schools that will support you and prepare you thoroughly for a career in teaching.

    Support during your placements

    School experience is invaluable to trainee teachers.

    That’s why we take steps to ensure you are well supported.

    We provide mentor training in our partnerships schools so you can learn from and build relationships with serving teachers.

    You’ll also have the full support of the teaching staff at the University while you’re out on placement.


    Take the first steps towards your career within primary education

    This programme prepares you for a career as a primary school teacher.

    At the end of the year upon satisfactory completion of the programme, you will be recommended for Qualified Teacher Status alongside an academic award of PGCE or PgCE.

    You will then be ready for the next stage of your development as a Newly Qualified Teacher in school.

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Registration Open= +92-3315999937, +92- 3215056755 (WhatsApp Only)

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