MBA in International Law- UCAM, Spain

MBA in International Law (Top -Up Programs) – UCAM, Spain

MBA in International Law (Top -Up Programs) – UCAM, Spain

The Master of Business Administration degree with a specialization in International Business Law offers comprehensive knowledge of law within the global context. Students will critically assess research and advanced scholarship in various legal areas, including human rights law, immigration and refugee law, international banking and finance law, and international environmental law. The program also covers significant research expertise and international legal experience in fields such as social justice, criminal law, human rights, energy and environment, competition law, and intellectual property. These skills are highly valued in any profession and include research, analytical, and communication abilities. Moreover, the program provides insight into how international law shapes global society and our interactions within it, paving the way for diverse career opportunities.

Participants will gain expertise in several subjects related to international business law. They will develop an understanding of the legal frameworks that govern international business transactions across industries. Topics covered include commercial trust law, company law, international trade law, intellectual property law, and the law of financial crimes. This program delves into the legal responsibilities governing interactions and relations between countries worldwide, examining various global issues like human rights, international crime, international waters, world trade, warfare, migration, and more.


  • WES recognized qualification
  • Program designed exclusively for professionals with work experience
  • Comprehensive study material and e-library support available at no additional cost
  • Become eligible to gain direct entry into relevant Doctorate / PhD programme
  • Online Assignments and Assessment
  • European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (60 ECTS) enabled program
  • Installment payment option available
  • MBA Degree awarded from UCAM, Spain


MBA in International Business Law is ideal for :

  • International Business Lawyer
  • Global Legal Counsel
  • International Trade Compliance Officer
  • International Arbitrator
  • International Tax Specialist
  • International Regulatory Counsel
  • International Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer


  • MBA – International Law Degree from UCAM, Spain
  • Level 7 Diploma from OTHM, UK (Optional)
  • Eligible to Gain Direct Entry into Relevant Doctorate/PhD program


Minimum 2 years of Work Experience in the Law domain or relevant field

Minimum 5 years of Work Experience in the Law domain or relevant field
* A very small percentage of applicants are approved on the basis of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).
Note: Candidates can only apply for the program which is relevant to their area of work experience.


This program is available for study in 2 stages over 12 months, giving learners the flexibility they need to master the complexities in the business administration with focus on International Business Law domain.

Stage 1
All the units of Stage 1 are mandatory.


  • Strategic Management
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Financial Management
  • International Trade Law
  • Industrial and Intellectual Property Law

Stage 2
Learners on successful completion of Stage 1, would move to the stage of the MBA program. The last stage consists of 1 unit.

Unit – Dissertation

This unit is designed to make a major contribution to learners’ professional and intellectual development, by enabling them to demonstrate their capacity for sustained independent thought, learning and critical reflection.
Dissertation should be of 12,000 words.

About UCAM, Spain

The Universidad Católica San Antonio (UCAM), is a private university located in Murcia in south-eastern Spain founded in 1996. UCAM offers undergraduate and graduate academic programs taught by faculty and researchers engaged with the quality of the education provided. The university is characterized by a firm commitment to Catholic orthodoxy and the moral and social doctrines of the Church. UCAM aims to contribute to the transmission of human knowledge and the development of research, from the critical, responsible and creative freedom of the person, according to gospel principles. UCAM developed a system of quality management applied to teaching, research and services to ensure the human relations among all members of the university community in order to make more effective educational work and research.

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