Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration – UCAM, Spain

Master of Business Administration – UCAM, Spain

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at UCAM, Spain, is designed to nurture the business and management skills of future leaders and entrepreneurs. It aims to empower aspiring and practicing managers with a deep understanding of enterprise operations, enabling them to make strategic differences in their organizations. This program emphasizes problem-solving and practical application of cutting-edge research across all key business areas to drive business transformation.

Key Features:

  • Develop Business and Management Skills: Acquire comprehensive business and management skills essential for success in the dynamic corporate world.
  • Fostering Future Business Leaders: Nurture and prepare future business leaders and entrepreneurs to lead with innovation and creativity.
  • Real-World Problem Solving: Emphasize on solving real-world business challenges to prepare managers for practical situations.
  • Holistic Business Perspective: Provide a holistic and strategic business viewpoint to thrive in a competitive global market.
  • Leadership Development: Enhance key leadership skills such as creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, and change initiation.
  • Adapting to Ambiguous Environments: Develop critical and strategic thinking abilities in rapidly changing and ambiguous business landscapes.
  • Job-Oriented Program: Tailored for professionals seeking rewarding careers as Finance Managers, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, Media Planners, Product Managers, and more.

Course Modules:

This program is available for study in 2 stages, giving learners the flexibility they need to master the complexities of the field of Business Administration.

Stage 1

All the units of Stage 1 are mandatory.


  • Strategic Management
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Advanced Business Research Methods

Stage 2

Learners on successful completion of Stage 1, would move to next stage of the MBA program. The last stage consists of 1 unit.

Unit: Dissertation

This unit is designed to make a major contribution to learners’ professional and intellectual development, by enabling them to demonstrate their capacity for sustained independent thought, learning and critical reflection.
Dissertation should be of 12,000 words.

Capstone Project:

The program concludes with a comprehensive capstone project where learners apply their knowledge and skills to solve a real-world business challenge. This project provides an opportunity to demonstrate strategic thinking, problem-solving abilities, and creativity.

Embark on your journey towards becoming a successful business leader with the Master of Business Administration program at UCAM, Spain. Enroll now and unlock your potential for a thriving career in the global business landscape.

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