MA Dance Research Develop your research interests, hear from others in dance research and design your research programme Course in Pakistan || Registration Open

MA Dance Research Develop your research interests hear from others in dance research and design your research programme Course in Pakistan || Registration Open

Registration Open= +92-3315999937, +92- 3215056755 (WhatsApp Only)


This MA Dance Research degree allows you to develop your own research interests and design a programme of dance research to address specific areas of interest with support from tutors.

This course is perfect for you want to develop your research skills as a dance or arts professional, teacher, recent graduate or a dance artist. You will learn from guest lecturers including scholars, practitioners and curators working in innovative areas of dance research.

Focusing on theoretical approaches this MA Dance Research degree aims to develop your knowledge, understanding and experience of dance research. The programme will introduce you to methodological, analytical and critical skills and you will learn to situate your interests in the context of contemporary dance discourse, devise and implement coherent research projects, and articulate your research in relation to current practices.

You will develop the conceptual understanding to critically evaluate current research and advanced scholarship, and to evaluate and critique methodologies. You will also be able to to propose new hypotheses and new approaches to thinking about dance, where appropriate, and situate your work within the UK and European ‘dance ecology’.

The MA Dance Research provides opportunities for you to:

  • Deepen your understanding of your approaches to research and scholarship and, where applicable, practice.
  • Develop reflective thinking and critical writing skills.
  • Deepen your ability to articulate your research in written and spoken form.
  • Develop your critical and analytical thinking.
  • Develop strategies for working independently.
  • Develop self–directed research skills and articulate research in written and presentational formats.
  • Continue your professional development.
  • Work with nationally and internationally established dance scholars and practitioners.
  • Develop skills in preparation for MPhil or PhD study.

Teaching and Assessment

How you will learn

You will study through theoretical and practical workshops, lecturers, seminars and rehearsals. You will be assessed through a range of assignments depending on which study options you choose.

All modules are assessed through programme work in the form of practical choreography presentations, essays, reports, presentations, learning journals, portfolios, online tasks and group working.

The Course

What you will study

This course is made up of modules. You will study on three core modules and two optional modules. The core modules are: Philosophy and Aesthetics; Independent Research Project and Dissertation.

This module list is indicative and subject to change.

Philosophy and Aesthetics

In this module you will explore how knowledge about dance is rooted in philosophical and aesthetic ideologies, from both historicised and contemporary perspectives. You will look through a wide lens at dance and its evolving beliefs with a focus on dance as art, and contemporary dance in particular. You will explore questions about art and aesthetics, and problems associated with critical appreciation. This module will challenge you to consider the nature of dance, and what conditions are necessary to enable movement to be thought of as dance. It will question issues about art and aesthetics, and reflect on how dance can be seen as different from other art forms. It will reflect on what draws people to dance, and how thinking about it is shaped. It will explore the concept of choreography, and changing perceptions. It will examine attitudes to beauty in a postmodern world.


Where this course could lead

This course will prepare you for further study such as a PhD or other professionally-related qualifications and give you a qualification to help you secure work within educational and HE institutions.

Registration Open= +92-3315999937, +92- 3215056755 (WhatsApp Only)

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