Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety


Candidates working as health and safety practitioners, in a position of responsibility for the health, safety, and welfare of a team or organisation, are targeted by the Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety certification. The qualification is universal and suitable for people working in a variety of industries.

A personal portfolio that demonstrates understanding and implementation of the requirements at this level is produced as part of the evaluation process. Our eLearning technology, which allows for the electronic submission of evidence, substantially simplifies this. Email and phone assistance are both available to you in full.

This NVQ Certificate Is for Whom?

This health and safety-related NVQ level 3 certificate is primarily aimed for mid-level managers, supervisors, and employees who already have health and safety obligations as part of their regular working practises and processes.

The improvement of employees’ fundamental SHE knowledge, comprehension, and abilities is the goal of this NVQ certificate programme.


If you want to advance your profession, a Level 3 NVQ is the perfect qualification. We recommend continuing on to a Level 6 NVQ in order to advance further. or NEBOSH Certificate.


  • On the Job Training
  • Training Cost Savings
  • No Examinations
  • An NVQ with Global Reach
  • IOSH Membership


  • T/602/1912 Ensure responsibility for actions to reduce risks to health and safety
  • L/601/6408 Develop procedures to safely control work operations
  • F/601/9354 Monitor procedures to safely control work operations
  • F/601/6633 Promote a culture of health and safety in the workplace
  • H/601/6687 Conduct a health and safety risk assessment of the workplace

Optional Units:

A minimum of TWO units Unit Reference Number

  • F/601/6664 Investigate and evaluate health and safety incidents and complaints in the workplace
  • J/601/6701 Make sure actions in the workplace aim to protect the environment
  • M/601/6837 Review health and safety procedures in the workplace
  • Y/601/6847 Supervise the health, safety and welfare of a learner in the workplace

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