Diploma in Production Operations Management 1

Diploma in Production / Operations Management Course

Production / Operations Management Course 

In this course you will learn about the role of production and operation management in an organisation, as well as the phase of product design development, and time span for forecasting models to calculate seasonality, regression analysis, as well as the stock points in a production distribution system will also be covered in this course.

In tis course you will learn about basic inventory models, requirements for effective inventory management as well as material requirements planning (MRP) and concept of aggregate planning

Who is this course for?

  • Production and manufacturing professionals
  • Industrial engineering professionals
  • Anyone in an organization dealing with production function

Course Contents:

  • Production operation management and transformation processes
  • Designing an effective and efficient plant layout
  • Production planning and master production schedule
  • Materials requirements planning
  • Operations scheduling and control
  • Production process selection and process control
  • Japanese approach of lean manufacturing

Learning Outcomes:

After the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • To present the various elements that comprise the field of Production Operations Management.
  • To introduce key operations management tools and concepts that can be applied to a variety of situations for achieving cost efficiency.
  • To introduce emerging concepts in the field of production management


  • Learn managing technology in operations management
  • Learn operation management concept
  • Learn about operations planning
  • Learn about demand forecasting
  • operations scheduling and work place planning
  • Waiting line management
  • Inventory management and just in time
  • Quality control techniques
  • Operational transparency
  • Maintenance policy and repair

Study Mode:

  • Regular Classes
  • Online Classes
  • Distance Learning¬†
  • Experience & Competency Based Diploma¬†

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