BSc (Hons) Mathematics Start your journey to become a chartered mathematician Course in Pakistan || Registration Open

BSc (Hons) Mathematics Start your journey to become a chartered mathematician Course in Pakistan || Registration Open

Registration Open= +92-3315999937, +92- 3215056755 (WhatsApp Only)


Gain in-depth knowledge, enhanced understanding, and crucial skills in the field of mathematics

Make a difference

From understanding and developing the underpinning principles of engineering so that humans can fly in aeroplanes, to the ability to launch rockets into space – throughout modern history, some of the most prized achievements of the human race have involved mathematics.

This course will allow you to explore the core of pure mathematics, along with modules from applied mathematics, statistics, and operational research.

This course is accredited by the Institute of Mathematics & its applications.

Choose your specialism

You will be able to decide whether to specialise into a certain branch of mathematics or to keep your options open by maintaining a broad range of modules.

The facets and rigour developed will not only enable you to become a mathematics specialist but will allow you the insight and techniques to open a wide range of situations and areas outside of mathematics.

This course has been accredited by the Institute of Mathematics and its applications, which means that all graduates meet the educational requirements to become chartered mathematicians.

If you see yourself working with numbers, such as in the fields of finance, business, engineering or medicine, then this is the course for you.

On this course you will:

  • Develop a strong level of knowledge, understanding and skills across many facets of mathematics.
  • Discover and understand abstract mathematical concepts, logical argument and deductive reasoning.
  • Provide a strong emphasis on personal development and is designed to maximise your educational journey and enhance your independent learning skills.

The Course

Understand abstract mathematical concepts, logical argument and deductive reasoning

You will study and consider a multitude of mathematic concepts, theories, and practicalities across your three years, culminating in a final project at the end of your final year.

You will study fundamental areas of mathematics including advanced calculus, statistical theories and applications, network analysis, machine learning, optimisation and game theory.

This list is indicative and subject to change.

Select a year

Introduction To Statistical Theory

Statistics involves the analysis and interpretation of data with a view to making more informed decisions. As such, its importance in the 21st century can hardly be overstated: statistical techniques are fundamental tools in Data Science, Economics and Biology, to name a few. In this module, you will gain an introduction to statistical inference and investigate topics such as point and interval estimation, hypothesis testing, and regression models.

Teaching and Assessment

Learn in small, friendly, and welcoming seminar style sessions


You will learn from experienced mathematics specialists to support you academic learning and personal development.

Our commitment to smaller class sizes allows you to feel more confident to discuss and explore your ideas in a supportive environment,

It also ensures that your tutors get to know you and how best to aid your development.


The assessments for the programme include examinations, task sheets, and computer-based test,

There are high levels of individual support throughout to ensure that you feel confident to take each step in your journey towards your degree.


Open up a wide range of future career opportunities

If you see yourself working with numbers, either in the fields of finance, business, engineering or medicine, then this is the course for you.

Our Mathematics graduates are highly-valued and have an extremely high-level of employability within a wide variety of different fields.

The skills learnt on our degree equips you for all sorts of roles in society; there is no one typical career undertaken by our graduates.

Mathematics graduates from the University of Chichester have progressed into a wide variety of successful career paths including, software designer, investment banker, purchasing manager, as well as roles within the Civil Service, Hewlett Packard, and the Police.

Career paths include:

  • Software design
  • Finance
  • Investment banking
  • IT
  • Teaching
  • Purchase management
  • Civil Service
  • The electronics industry

Teaching pathways

One of the most popular career paths is teaching, both secondary and primary.

Our degree courses equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to be a successful teacher.

At Chichester, we have a long and distinguished 180-year history of training teachers, and we offer a number of postgraduate pathways into teaching.

Pathways include:

  • PGCE Early Years
  • PGCE Primary
  • PGCE Primary (Modern Foreign Languages)
  • PGCE Secondary Mathematics
  • School Direct

Further study options

Other further study opportunities include doing an MSc in Data Science and Analytics.

Run in collaboration with the University’s business school this master’s degree offers you informed access to this exciting and rapidly growing field.

University of Chichester alumni receive a 15% discount on our postgraduate courses.

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Registration Open= +92-3315999937, +92- 3215056755 (WhatsApp Only)

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