BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Secondary Teaching (QTS) Qualify as a secondary school maths teacher Course in Pakistan || Registration Open

BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Secondary Teaching (QTS) Qualify as a secondary school maths teacher Course in Pakistan || Registration Open

Registration Open= +92-3315999937, +92- 3215056755 (WhatsApp Only)


Open a gateway into the teaching profession as a qualified secondary mathematics teacher

If you’re hoping to become a secondary mathematics teacher, you could qualify within three years through this undergraduate degree route.

Our BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Secondary Teaching (QTS) course offers you a gateway into the teaching profession as a qualified secondary mathematics teacher with a recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), allowing you to teach in England and Wales.

Develop your knowledge of maths and learn the art of teaching

You will study a range of undergraduate mathematics and pedagogical modules that build on your current knowledge as you learn the practical, professional, and academic skills of teaching.

You will also spend 120 days of the course on school placement developing your practice in order to become an inspirational secondary mathematics teacher.

Proud history of teacher training

The University of Chichester has been training teachers for over 180 years and we look to train employable professionals who can get out there and make a difference.

You will be taught by experienced mathematics education specialists and our dedication to small teaching groups allows you develop strong professional relationships with the University teaching team.

On this course you will:

  • Be recommended for Qualified Teacher Status which allows you teach in secondary schools in England and Wales.
  • Understand fundamental areas of mathematics as well as effective ways to teach the subject within a classroom environment.
  • Provide you with the skills and knowledge to become an outstanding and professional teacher.
  • Develop your skills and abilities in both a subject and pedagogical context and through dedicated placements in secondary schools make connections between the theories and your applied practice.

The Course

Study fundamental mathematical concepts as you learn to become an outstanding teacher

You will study fundamental areas of mathematics including advanced calculus, statistical theories and applications, network analysis, machine learning, optimisation and game theory.

In addition, you will also take modules designed to enable you to study and appreciate the effective ways of teaching mathematics. These will draw on your and others experiences of learning. You will consider ideas and theories of inclusion, equality and diversity and how to respond as a professional, to contemporary issues in education.

You will spend time looking at the historical background of contemporary theories, debating and analysing their strengths and weaknesses and what this might mean in the classroom for learners.

This list is indicative and subject to change.

Select a year

Childhood To Adulthood

This module develops your awareness of the biological, intellectual, social and emotional changes that occur from childhood through to adulthood. You will examine the phases of development in children from conception through to puberty, early adolescence and adolescence in a changing world. You also will examine growth and physical development in the early years, motor development and maturation.

Classroom Resources

Over 20,000 classroom resources available to use on placement

As a Mathematics and Secondary Teaching student, you will gain access to our dedicated library of teaching materials.

You can find thousands of classroom resources that you can borrow to use while on placement.

From posters to books, classroom kits to DVDs, our library of resources has options for all ages and needs.

You can take resources out for up to six weeks and can be taken on placement to aid with your teaching, or help you develop your skills and confidence within our classroom environments.

Teaching and Assessment

Innovative teaching methods that develop your full potential as a future teacher


You will learn from expert and experienced staff who are here to help develop your mathematical knowledge and your skills leading the classroom.

Many of our staff have a strong background within education and use their experience to inform their teaching, as the help your development into a professional and capable teacher.

You will learn through seminar, tutorials and workshops across your degree. Our dedicated learning areas simulate real world classrooms, allowing you to become more familiar, confident and comfortable in teaching spaces ahead of your professional placements.

All learning is supported by contemporary pedagogical research, theories and discussion within a small class environment.

This allows our staff to really get to know you as individuals, and support you in your journey.


Your assessments are built to support your theoretical learning and develop your communication skills, through essays, lesson plans, research reports, risk assessments or development plans.

For mathematics modules, assessments may include examinations, task sheets, and computer-based tests. We offer high levels of individual support throughout to ensure that you feel confident to take each step in your journey towards your degree.

Work Placements

Gain vital experience as you develop your confidence at the heart of the classroom

Experience gained in schools aims to help you gain skills such as lesson planning and classroom management in order to become an inspirational secondary mathematics teacher.

All of our school placements carry credits and are undertaken in secondary schools from within our Partnership, offering a variety of sociodemographic experiences and total 120 days across the three years of the programme.

You will be able to utilise our connections with the University of Chichester Academy Trust. This is a chain of 15 local schools in which you will be able to carry out your required placements and network with other professional teachers.

These placements are designed to enable you to meet the teachers’ standards, required for the recommended award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).


Develop your career opportunities to teach mathematics in secondary schools

Our BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Secondary Teaching (QTS) leads to the recommendation of Qualified Teacher Status enabling you to teach in schools in England and Wales.

You will graduate with the all-round experience, knowledge and skills to meet the Department for Education’s Teachers’ Standards in relation to Key Stage 3 and 4 (11-16 years).

Many graduates continue into teaching mathematics in secondary schools, whilst other continue their academic learning through postgraduate study.

Postgraduate pathways

  • MA Education
  • MA in Inclusive Special Education
  • PGCiPP: Workplace Learning Development

University of Chichester alumni receive a 15% discount on postgraduate courses.

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Registration Open= +92-3315999937, +92- 3215056755 (WhatsApp Only)

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