BA (Hons) Education Special Needs and Disability Develop your understanding of education special needs and disability Course in Islamabad || Registration Open

BA (Hons) Education Special Needs and Disability Develop your understanding of education special needs and disability Course in Islamabad || Registration Open

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Explore the importance of social justice, equal opportunity and inclusion in our education settings

Our BA (Hons) Education, Special Needs and Disability degree is designed to develop your understanding of the combined subjects of education, special needs and disability.

This course will provide an excellent preparation for you to work with children and adults who have a special need or a disability within the education, health or social care sector.

There is a strong focus on valuing and respecting individual differences in children and adults and the contributions they make as members of our communities.

All the modules on this programme encourage you to think about the importance of social justice, equal opportunity and inclusion in our early years settings, schools, colleges and the wider society.

You will work on real-work educational projects, allowing you to investigate, understand and analyse the fast-changing landscape of education.

On this course you will:

  • Investigate, understand and analyse the fast-changing landscape of education.
  • Study real-word projects as you learn in an active manner.
  • Explore and consider key theories of human development and the nature of education.
  • Provide a firm foundation for a career within educational settings.

The Course

Understand how to work with children with special education needs and disabilities

Our BA (Hons) Education, Special Needs and Disability course provides a rich learning experience.

You will develop systematic knowledge and critical awareness of current theories, research and advanced scholarship in education, special needs and disability.

You will explore a range of important educational topics including social justice and contemporary issues in working within SEND, which will fully prepare you for your professional career within the sector.

This list is indicative and subject to change.

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Learning Communities: Children Learning, Children Thinking

This module explores the sociological influences relating to our success as learners. You will use research on thinking, learning and development to consider how individuals can maximise learning opportunities for themselves and help others to learn. You will explore influences on learning, development and identity and discuss how learners are included or excluded from education settings. Central to the module is a sociocultural perspective on learning and education that looks beyond the individual to communities and the historical contexts in which learning takes place.

Teaching and Assessment

Discover innovative teaching techniques and varied assessment methods


The University of Chichester has a long and proud history of education-based courses, having trained teachers here for over 180 years.

On our BA (Hons) Education, Special Needs and Disability course we use strategies that are designed to enable you to effectively master a broad base of concepts, skills, knowledge, understanding and practice.

Our commitment to smaller class sizes allows you to feel more confident to discuss and explore your ideas in a supportive environment, and ensure that your tutors get to know you and how best to aid your development.

Our focus on group discussion and the consideration of the thoughts of others allow you to develop your own ideas, all with the support of experienced academics who are at the forefront of their discipline.

You’ll experience a mixture of:

  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Practical sessions
  • Outdoor learning experiences
  • Field trips
  • Case studies
  • Whole group
  • Sub-group activities.


Within these sessions, you will be challenged to go further and be encouraged to be proactive, responsive and responsible for your own learning and ideas outside of the classroom.


There will be a range of methods to assess the knowledge, understanding and skills you will develop on the course.

These will range from more traditional assessment methods such as essays, presentations, and examinations, to more education specific practices such as lesson plans, lesson commentaries and curriculum packs.

There will also be a focus on your ability to function within a workplace setting, as well as a final independent project that will act a culmination of your three years of learning on the course.

Modules are assessed at every stage of the course, offering cumulative assessment of your progress. Your academic advisor and lecturers are available for advice throughout your degree.

Work Placements

Gain vital experience within a professional environment to support your learning

As part of our BA (Hons) Education, Special Needs and Disability, you will gain the opportunity to experience placements during the second and third year.

This will give you great insight into how different industries integrate education in their organisations.

Placement opportunities include:

  • Special Needs Schools
  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Early Years Settings
  • Chichester Festival Theatre
  • West Sussex County Council
  • Museums such as the Sea Life Centre
  • And more.


Open up opportunities to work within organisations that have an educational component to their work

Our graduates progress into a range of careers within the sector, with opportunities to move directly into classroom teaching, specifically in roles within Special Educational Needs.

Graduates can also progress to become educational administrators or consultants, as well as work for local or national government with a focus on public education systems.

Career paths include roles within:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Prisons
  • Charities
  • Museums
  • Galleries
  • Church and faith organisations
  • International development

Teaching pathways

One of the most popular career paths from our BA (Hons) Education and Mathematics course is teaching, both secondary and primary.

Our degree courses equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to be a successful teacher.

At Chichester, we have a long and distinguished 18–year history of training teachers, and we offer a number of postgraduate pathways into teaching.

Teaching pathways include:

  • PGCE Early Years
  • PGCE Primary
  • PGCE Primary (Modern Foreign Languages)
  • PGCE Secondary Mathematics
  • School Direct

Further study

Other further study opportunities include doing an MSc in Data Science and Analytics.

Run in collaboration with the University’s business school this master’s degree offers you informed access to this exciting and rapidly growing field.

We also offer masters qualifications in both Education and Inclusive Special Education to help you continue your studies and increase your employability even further.

Postgraduate pathways

  • MA Education
  • MA Inclusive Special Education
  • MSc Data Science and Analytics
  • PGCE

University of Chichester alumni receive a 15% discount on our postgraduate courses.

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Registration Open= +92-3315999937, +92- 3215056755 (WhatsApp Only)

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